Save Restaurants, Feed Nurses with Jill Cohen

Save Restaurants, Feed Nurses with Jill Cohen

Today’s episode features a very special guest, Jill Cohen. We are talking about a new passion project she is taking on, Save Restaurants, Feed Nurses. It’s a backline brigade of compassionate non-bedside nurses who have committed to supporting, recognizing, and nourishing our battle-weary frontline friends by providing meals for hospital staff from local restaurants.

If you happen to be a remote nurse or if you’re a non-nurse friend who’s interested, I invite you to listen to this episode, know more about this initiative, and together let’s resuscitate the love, generosity, appreciation, and support that we showered upon our frontline healthcare workers. They need it now more than ever.


Want to be a part of this meaningful project?

Donate to the Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/backlinesfeedthefront