Living The Dream! Nurse to Lifestyle Entrepreneur Workshop


Does this sound like you?


*You want to make money doing something you love while enjoying freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment! 

*But multi-level marketing, cookie-cutter business advice, and self-proclaimed gurus who’ve never built a thriving business are not for you.  

*You want inspiration, direction, and support from experts who have real-world experience building and growing a successful business that supports their lifestyle, not just theory. 

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Combine serious business planning with a relaxing getaway – there’s just something about a change in environment to spark creativity…

Learn from mentors who have created successful businesses that support their lifestyle – and have helped others do the same

Get inside information that no one else shares – we are pulling back the curtain so you learn EVERYTHING you need to know to have your own lifestyle business. 

Join us for a transformative workshop where you will:

– Discover the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment of a lifestyle business

Learn what it REALLY takes to create a lifestyle business

Be inspired to create your own business that supports you and your dream life

This Workshop is about achieving freedom, flexibility,

and fulfillment with a lifestyle business.

We’ll show you how!

Get full transparency about our business. Learn exactly how I went from bedside nurse to lifestyle entrepreneur. I know you can achieve the same success I have, but I can only help you achieve it if I share exactly how I made this work. 

During this workshop, I reveal EXACTLY how I went from bedside nurse to world traveler while running my business (I hold nothing back, you will learn all the ups and downs) Including…

Foundational Business Knowledge Timelines Income Reports Expenses Products & Services Pricing & Profit Margins Marketing
This is necessary for any business to succeed. Rome was not built in a day and neither is a lifestyle business Exactly what came in each month from day 1 You don’t get to keep it all. Discover what it costs to run a successful biz.  We offer a variety of products & services and we will share what has worked and what did not To be successful you MUST understand this. How to make sure the people who can benefit from your business find you.

You will get

– A step-by-step account of my journey from nurse to globe-trotting lifestyle entrepreneur

– Insider insights on timelines, income and expenses, and product/service profitability

– Inspiration to fuel your passion and unlock your true potential 

You’ll also benefit from candid discussions about the realities of running a successful lifestyle business. I’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly, including the financial aspects, collaborations, outsourcing strategies, systems, and successes and mistakes.

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Meet Your Coaches

Abi Profile

Abi Carmen

Co-Founder, Sr. V.P. Operations

Abi has been a thriving entrepreneur since 1983. In 2003, he made a leap into the online business world, captivated by the boundless freedom and flexibility it offered. From that moment on, Abi’s trajectory has been a remarkable journey.

Thanks to online businesses, Abi found the freedom to relocate from chilly Chicago to the idyllic beaches of Destin, Florida, and eventually settle on the tranquil Caribbean Sea in Mexico. Passionate about his work, Abi has no intention of retiring anytime soon, as he revels in the joy it brings him.

Deanna Cooper Gillingham RN, CCM

Co-Founder, CEO

Deanna, a nurse with a knack for entrepreneurship and a talent for simplifying complex ideas, leveraged her skills to establish a successful online education company giving her the freedom and flexibility to live and work from anywhere.

In her leisure time, Deanna embraces her love for hiking and kayaking and cherishes moments spent with loved ones. Additionally, her passion for exploring the world is seamlessly woven into her work as she nurtures and develops the case management workforce through her online business.

Deanna profile

Inspired to assist others in attaining the same freedom and success they experienced, they provide coaching to guide individuals toward the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment that come with a lifestyle business.

“At this point in our entrepreneurial journeys, we are driven to help others create a business that supports their lifestyle.

People tell us all the time that we are “living the dream”. We reply with “We are living OUR dream.” 

And we want to guide you to living YOUR dream! “

~Abi & Deanna

Why we’re different

Your journey toward success is as unique as you are. 

Unlike those who insist on making you fit into their singular approach, we take the time to understand your particular strengths, abilities, and aspirations, and tailor our guidance to fit your individual needs.

With our diverse backgrounds and experience in generating income through multiple sources, we offer a wide range of expertise to support you in achieving your goals. 

Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter approach – with us, you’ll have the freedom to explore numerous possibilities and create a business and life that aligns with your authentic self.

 It’s all about you and your journey to achieving greatness.

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What people are saying!

Deanna’s empathy, wisdom, and experience really helped me re-center myself and calm the noise a little so I could get back to the things that were really important to grow my business. 

Maybe it’s because Deanna is a nurse – she knew exactly what to say at just the time I needed it. 

Sasha Korobov

As a nurse with no entrepreneurial experience, navigating the journey of writing a book and creating a business is a daunting task. Abi and Deanna have been very helpful in bringing their expertise in business, website creation, publishing, and connecting with the right audience. This is done in a step by step manner that is easily doable. Knowing that they have been successful in their own businesses and can advise based on their experience of what has worked and not, provides assurance that I’m working with the right people. I look forward to our continued work together!

Jeanette Zocco MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM

You helped me laser focus my attention on carving the right pathway (it was the hardest part) through your skillful guidance and coaching skills.

I have continued learning from you while growing personally and professionally.

Elena Yakuba

Notify Me About the Next Living the Dream Workshop!!!

Be the first to be notified about upcoming Living the Dream Workshops.