We want you to write for us


Are you a nurse who has moved beyond the bedside? Would you like to share your inspiring story with other nurses? We’d love to see your story here, but be sure to read these guidelines first.

What we’re looking for:

We want stories about and by nurses moving beyond the traditional nursing role. We accept articles written about another nurse’s journey too. So if you have someone you would like to feature that’s great! Just make sure you get their permission first.

Want featured but not comfortable writing the article yourself? Contact us and we will have it written for you by one of our expert writers.

We want you to show off! Tell us about your great idea and how you made it work. It’s okay to brag as long as it’s inspiring to the reader.
But we know it not easy, so tell us about the struggles you went through along the way and how you overcame them. We also want to know how your nursing background prepared you for this adventure.

The Details (Rules)


We are happy to include outbound links in your text and/or your bio as well as to your social media account.


We do not allow any affiliate or commission links within guest posts. Remember, we’re here to inspire and share ideas with others.


We may not accept every submission. Our top priority it to inspire nurses if your submission does not do that it will not be accepted.  We may ask you to edit it, or we may edit it to make it appropriate for the site and return it to you to review and give you final approval.


Between 750 – 1500 words is great, but this isn’t written in stone. If you need more, then by all means, write more.


Pictures in the article are fine, they add to the story. Please send them as separate email attachments, not in the body of the article. Instead, include notes where you want the picture to go using square brackets in the text (i.e. [PICTURE 1 GOES HERE]). If you do include pictures, provide attribution (proper credit) or show ownership of the photos, or they will not be included. If the pictures are you own, please include the following line in your submission email: “I own all rights to this photo and give a representative of The Stay at Home Nurse, LLC full permission to use it on thestayathomenurse.com at his or her discretion.”

Style: We will be professionally editing your piece, but it will reflect better on you if you do us the courtesy of doing a spellcheck and a quick proofread. Please also avoid long paragraphs. Break up your thoughts into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences.

Edits: If we’re interested in your article, expect to get feedback and requests to make additional changes so that it could be run on the site. Sometimes there may be back and forth multiple times before it is ready for our final edit. We have very high standards but will work with you to make your article something you are proud of.

Bio: Make sure you send your short (125-word max) bio along with a headshot we can use. Again, make sure you own the rights to the picture.