#65 – Would you like to know what it’s like to work as an inpatient case manager at a large, not-for-profit academic hospital that sees patients from all over the world? 

Then join us today as we learn about a day in the life of an inpatient case manager at the Cleveland Clinic.


Time Stamp

3:54 A day in the life of an inpatient case manager at the Cleveland Clinic

7:54 The culture of the Cleveland Clinic

10:40 The patient population of the Cleveland Clinic

12:48 How is the Cleveland Clinic handling the nursing shortage?

22:54 What the Cleveland Clinic looks for when hiring new team members

35:51 Interested in working at the Cleveland Clinic – KUHRM@ccf.org

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Are you interested in an inpatient case management position at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio? Reach out to Michele Kuhr at kuhrm@ccf.org

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