Dream It!

Dream about the career you want to give you the lifestyle you dream of.

Build It!

What do you need to do to make it happen? Plan it and build it.

Live It!

Live the lifestyle of your dreams!
Here at The Stay at Home Nurse, our goal is to inspire and equip you to have the nursing career that best suits you and your lifestyle. Whether that is a traditional job or going out on your own as a nurse entrepreneur.

This company was born of my desire to have a career that would allow me to live the lifestyle I wanted. I began by looking at what I wanted my life to look like. I decided I wanted to work from home as a nurse so I could be there for my children while they were growing up. Case management allowed me to do that.

But as my children began to graduate and scatter I realized I needed a change. I didn’t want to have to choose which of my 4 children I would visit that year. I didn’t want to never have a beach vacation or visit Europe because I couldn’t get enough time off for vacation and visiting family. It was time for a change.

So once again I dreamed about what I wanted my life to look like. I decided I wanted to live on a beautiful tropical beach full time, not just vacation there. I wanted to be able to travel to see my family as often as I wanted. But I didn’t want to give up nursing either. I wanted to be a location independent nurse. It seemed impossible.

But it wasn’t! I was able to create a location independent business using my nursing experience, knowledge, background and expertise. We are now living that life we dreamed about. We live on the water in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. We travel to see our family several times a year. And I’m still a nurse!

We have created a thriving business inspiring and equipping nurses and other healthcare professionals to reach their career and lifestyle goals. It all started with equipping other case managers to pass the CCM Certification Exam. To accomplish this we created:

  • The Website – CaseManagementStudyGuide.com,  
  • The Study Guide – CCM Certification Made Easy
  • The Course – Online Case Management Review Course housed at CaseManagersCommunity.com
  • And The Community – Case Managers Community Facebook Group

Without our websites, we would not have a business at least not the location independent one we dreamed of. We wanted to equip other nurses embarking on the entrepreneurial journey with the ability to have a web presence without becoming a webmaster thus, Veritas Web Solutions. You supply the content, we supply the website.  

Our book is a huge part of our business. But going from nurse to successfully published author is not easy. Publishing with a traditional publishing company is time-consuming. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment that means your book could be outdated before it’s even published! And self-publishing has a huge learning curve. So we created a publishing company, Blue Bayou Press, to publish books by healthcare writers and well as to help them create online courses.

On our journey, we have met some amazing nurses and healthcare professionals that are also moving beyond their traditional roles. They inspire us every day, and we know that they will inspire you too. So we feature articles by and about these amazing individuals in our Nurse’s Corner. Take a look around and get ready to be inspired!

Deanna Gillingham

Deanna Gillingham

Founder - Nurse Case Manager

Deanna, a nurse with a knack for entrepreneurship and a talent for simplifying complex ideas, leveraged her skills to establish a successful online education company giving her the freedom and flexibility to live and work from anywhere.

In her leisure time, Deanna embraces her love for hiking and kayaking and cherishes moments spent with loved ones. Additionally, her passion for exploring the world is seamlessly woven into her work as she nurtures and develops the case management workforce through her online business.

Abi Carmen

Abi Carmen

Co-Founder & Sr. VP Operations

Abi has been a thriving entrepreneur since 1983. In 2003, he made a leap into the online business world, captivated by the boundless freedom and flexibility it offered. From that moment on, Abi’s trajectory has been a remarkable journey.

Thanks to online businesses, Abi found the freedom to relocate from chilly Chicago to the idyllic beaches of Destin, Florida, and eventually settle on the tranquil Caribbean Sea in Mexico. Passionate about his work, Abi has no intention of retiring anytime soon, as he revels in the joy it brings him.