Description #74 – Have you ever thought about becoming a CRNA? Today we are speaking with Beth Quaas, Associate Director of an Anesthesia program in Minnesota, Director of the Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists Board, and practicing CRNA. She shares with us her journey from Associate Degree RN to CRNA, tips on getting into CRNA school, and what it is really like to work as a CRNA.

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Beth Quaas has been a nurse for nearly 30 years. Starting out in a small critical access hospital in northern MN, she started her nursing career as an LPN in a nursing home while getting her ASN/RN and transitioned to working in the hospital setting. After 7 years of bedside care, Beth returned to school and completed her Master’s degree in anesthesia in 1999. She obtained her Doctorate degree in 2010 so she could give back to her profession by educating the next generation of certified registered nurse anesthetists.

She has a passion for inspiring others to find joy in their profession and helping those dealing with burnout. After her own burnout, she decided to share others’ stories by starting a podcast called Don’t Eat Your Young. The intention was to let nurses that are struggling know that they are not alone and provide resources to help them deal with bullying, burnout, and workplace violence.

Beth is currently the Associate Director of an anesthesia program in MN and also continues her clinical practice giving anesthesia in the OR. She also serves as a Director on the Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists Board.