Description #78 – Motivated to Succeed: Determining Your Attitude Towards Change and Progress. Have you ever found yourself complaining about a situation, but not taking any action to change it? We all do it at some point, so don’t feel bad. But here’s the question: If it’s something you really want, are you finding excuses as to why you can’t achieve it, or are you looking for ways to overcome obstacles? In this episode, we’ll explore how to differentiate between an obstacle and an excuse, and how to overcome those obstacles to find solutions and achieve your goals.

Get ready to be motivated to succeed as we explore the importance of determining your attitude toward change and progress. Trust me, this applies not only to starting a business but also to navigate your career. So grab your favorite beverage, find a cozy spot, and get ready to reflect on your own goals and mindset.

Whether you’re an aspiring business owner or simply someone looking to level up in your career, this episode is for you. Get ready to let go of excuses, embrace change, and discover your true potential. 

Trust me, by the end of this episode, you’ll be motivated and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Stay tuned for an empowering and motivational discussion. Let’s dive in!

Show Notes

Ever caught yourself complaining about a situation without taking action?? It’s time to shift your mindset and determine whether you’re looking for excuses or ways to achieve your goals!?

1️⃣ Obstacles vs. Excuses:

? Obstacles can be overcome, they’re the real reasons why something isn’t happening.

? Excuses are fear-based and hold you back from taking action.

Remember, just about everything can be overcome if you truly desire it and are willing to work toward it.?

2️⃣ Surround Yourself:

? Connect with people who have similar goals or are reaching for their own.

? Join masterminds where ideas are shared, excuses are tossed and support is given.

Empower yourself by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who uplift and motivate you!?

3️⃣ Seek Guidance:

? Consider a coach or consultant who can help you navigate your goals and assess if you truly want them.

? Take advice from someone who has achieved some success and understands your goals.

Remember, learning from others’ experiences can steer you in the right direction.?

4️⃣ Embrace Mistakes:

? As healthcare professionals, we’re trained to avoid mistakes at all costs.

? However, in business, mistakes are learning opportunities, stepping stones to the right decision.

Shift your mindset and become excited about making mistakes because they bring you closer to your goals!?

5️⃣ Action Trumps Perfection:

? Waiting for the perfect moment to take action rarely happens.

? Start taking small steps towards your goals, no matter how imperfect they may seem.

Remember, small actions compound over time and lead you to success. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, create it!⏳

6️⃣ The Baby Effect:

? Many successful entrepreneurs have felt the “baby effect” – a newfound urgency to change their lives when starting a family.

? Use life’s time limits as motivation to pursue your dreams and make them successful.

Don’t wait for life to happen, make it happen!?

So ask yourself, are you looking for excuses or ways to achieve your goals?? Challenge your mindset, take action, and empower yourself to reach new heights!✨ Remember, you’ve got this!?