Description #77 – Welcome to another episode of The Stay At Home Nurse Podcast! In this episode, we’re diving into a recap of the National Nurses and Business Association conference. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this conference brought together hundreds of nurses who either have or want to start their own businesses.

Deanna shares her firsthand experience at the conference, including her four-hour workshop on starting a profitable case management business. The conference featured inspiring keynotes, sessions on branding and LinkedIn optimization, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Deanna also highlights the chance to meet industry influencers like Teresa Sanderson and participate in a Shark Tank competition. Join us as we unravel the insights and opportunities from this enriching conference experience.

Show Notes

– Overview of the NNBA conference

– Recap of the pre-conference workshops

– Mention of recorded workshop available for purchase

– Mixer and networking opportunities

– Keynote speaker session by Louise from Nurse Builder

– Session on branding

– Session on optimizing LinkedIn profiles

– Importance of understanding individual goals

– Value of in-person networking and meeting online connections

– Mention of Teresa Sanderson and her successful business

– Emphasis on the power of networking

– Participation in Shark Tank competition with collaboration challenges