#046 – Most nurses work all holidays. But did you know that there are many nurses who do not work holidays? In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about 5 places nurses can work that do not require you to work holidays.


5 Nurses That Don’t Work Christmas…

  1. Home Health/Hospice Nurse (May take a call on holidays)
  2. Clinic Nurse (GI Lab, Outpatient surgery center, Cath lab – May take a call on holidays)
  3. School Nurse (Not only get all the holidays off, but they also have summer off)
  4. Doctor’s Office Nurse
  5. CM/UM or other Remote Nurse

2 Bonuses! 

These are not jobs, but they are options for nurses to use their nursing credentials to support themselves and their families.

Healthcare Writer

Healthcare writers make their own schedules so they never have to work a holiday if they don’t want to! To learn more about healthcare writing listen to Episode 15 Getting Paid to Write as a Nurse


Nurse entrepreneurs also have complete control over their schedules. Learn more about nurse entrepreneurship in Nurse Intrapreneurship, Nurse Entrepreneurship, Freelance Nurse (Episode 13).

Learn More…

Are you interested to learn more about Remote Nursing jobs? Check out our interview with my friend Sadie, Everything Remote Nursing with the Remote Nurse Sadie Glisson (Episode 28).

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On the other side, if you are interested in learning more about Case Management or Utilization Management, you may go back and listen to Episode 35 Work From Home Job Series: Case Management and Episode 36  Work From Home Job Series: Utilization Management.

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