#017 – Today’s guest on The Stay At Home Nurse Podcast is Antonette Montalvo, a visionary nurse dedicated to inspiring you to be a visionary throughout your nursing journey.

Whether you already have a nursing vision or you’re still looking for your vision, this episode is sure to inspire you.

In this episode, Antonette and I talk about:

  • The piece of advice she would give to nurses to help spark the fire that they can be a visionary nurse
  • The importance of having a vision and how to create your own
  • The mindset needed to take action when she had the desire to move forward with her vision
  • How she took the huge leap from city urban life to rural life
  • Her story and the amazing accomplishments she’s made over the years

“If you have the opportunity, then go for it.” – Antonette Montalvo

Buckle up and enjoy this episode.

Show notes

Once you listen to this inspiring episode, you’re definitely going to want to know more about Antonette. Here’s more on where to find her:



Instagram: @visionarynurse

Twitter: @aamontalvo1

Download a copy of her ebook Visionary Nurse: 90-days of Inspirational Musings on being Influentially Visionary

Check out her website: www.visionarynurse.com

Antonette MontalvoAntonette’s Bio

Antonette Montalvo is a wife and a mother, a board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Owner of Antonette Montalvo Consulting and Coaching Services – where she serves as a Community Health Consultant and Coach and Mentor for Nurses, and co-founder of Montalvo International Community Health Initiative – a community-focused project committed to addressing the health disparities seen in vulnerable communities.

She is also a published author, and just released her ebook entitled: Visionary Nurse: 90-days of Inspirational Musings on being Influentially Visionary in 2019. Her e-book is designed to inspire and motivate nurses to be innovative in their approach to the profession, and it has been inspired by her own journey in becoming a “visionary nurse.” You can download a copy of her book, or learn more at: www.visionarynurse.com

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