#060  – Today on The Stay At Home Nurse Podcast, we get to sit down and chat with Liz Rohr NP. Liz is a primary care family nurse practitioner, and the founder of Real World NP – an online educational platform and business where she creates the products she wishes she had when starting out as a nurse practitioner. Her business is growing and she’s bringing on employees while creating a happy place to work.

Show notes

More About Liz

Liz Rohr is a family nurse practitioner, educator, wife, mom, and multiple 6-figure entrepreneurs. Since 2015, she’s been a PCP with her own panel (1200+ patients when full-time). Today, she works part-time in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Boston, MA, and runs Real World NP. She’s been a nurse for over a decade and got her BSN from Boston College and MSN from UCLA. Credentials aside, she’s the kind of girl you’ll find perusing Up-To-Date on her phone before bed— she can’t help herself.

When she’s not poring over textbooks or crafting videos, you can find her snuggling her German Shepherd-mix pup, or playing Anna and Elsa with her three-year-old daughter.

Connect with Liz

Email: liz@realworldnp.com  

Instagram: @realworldnp

Facebook: www.facebook.com/realworldnp

LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/realworldnp

Website: https://www.realworldnp.com/

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