#33 – Sarah Gaines has an incredible story of going from an unappreciated staff nurse and a Toxic Work Environment to a 6-Figure Travel Nurse. But she didn’t stop there! Sarah has now added entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments. She is helping other nurses to have the freedom and happiness they deserve. 

In this episode, she will share with you how she went from crying on the floor to turning in her resignation in 1 shift! And she has never regretted it. 

Sarah Gaines, MSN, RNC-OB (also known as the 6-Figure Travel Nurse) is a labor and delivery nurse, nurse mentor, educator, and entrepreneur. Passionate about travel nursing (20 contracts and counting!), she’s created the 6-Figure Travel Nurse Course to educate and empower nurses to control their career so that can gain the freedom and autonomy they deserve. To learn more about how the Travel Nurse Course can help you reach you travel nurse goals the fastest and easiest way possible, visit www.sarahgaines.com For daily travel nurse tips and inspiration follow Sarah on her Instagram @Sarah_Gaines 


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