#008 – In this episode, we answered our first listener question. This listener is looking for a work from home nursing job. She got a few interviews with no real job offers. This episode provides tips and suggestions to help you become a stay at home nurse.

Working remotely as a nurse may have been a dream in the past but now it is a reality. Just imagine having no commute, working in a quieter and more comfortable place, and maybe even increasing your productivity as a result. You want a nursing career that best suits you and your lifestyle. Maybe working from home is for you too.

Show Notes

As a nurse, you need many nursing-specific skills to be successful. The same goes for working from home, where it can be tempting to take a long lunch or get side-tracked by your kids a few too many times.

Working independently, taking courses related to what you are applying for (for example, Utilization Management), and computer skills are just some of the important things recruiters consider when hiring a work from home nurse.

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