Description #019 – In this week’s episode, you’re in for such a treat because I have with me Catie Harris of NursePreneurs. She shares:

* What a mastermind is and how being part of one can help you start and grow your own business

* How Walmart was a salvaging point for her nurse career

* How starting her podcast opened her eyes to the many amazing nurse business owners

* Why you need to have a passion to solve a problem to be successful as an entrepreneur

You are definitely going to want to save this episode and take notes.

Show notes

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More about Catie Harris

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered NurseCatie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered Nurse is the NursePreneur Mentor who has empowered thousands of nurses to monetize their knowledge and skills in business, while inspiring them to change the way healthcare is perceived and delivered. She strives to undo the perception that nursing care is limited to the hospital setting. Through her intensive mentorship program, Catie shows nurses how their nursing knowledge can transcend the hospital system into a profitable business.

Catie is an international speaker who has been featured in ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and Huffington Post. She has also shared her innovative mentorship work on National and International Podcasts and TV including Be Efficient TV, Dubai One and Copy Chief with Kevin Rogers.

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